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Corporate Gift Card

The White Rose gift card: great for your team, great for your business

Accepted at over 120 shops and restaurants in White Rose Shopping Centre, our gift card can be spent on everything from clothes and accessories to food and drink, and even holidays.

Your employees can also use it as part-payment towards a larger purchase.




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Great for Your Team


  • The gift of choice - accepted at over 120 shops and restaurants in White Rose Shopping Centre, including The Village with wagamama, TGI Fridays, Five Guys, Pizza Hut and Chiquito
  • Valid on clothes, accessories, food, drink, holidays... whatever the recipient would love
  • Can be used as part-payment towards a larger purhcase
  • Can be used for smaller payments, multiple times and across numerous retailers throughout the year
  • Valid for a whole year


Great For Your Business


  • Gives the recipient maximum choice, which makes you a thoughtful and considerate boss!
  • Easy to implement - we'll organise everything
  • Available in any denomination from £5 to £500 (orders of up to five cards between the values of £20 and £500 can be purchased online)*
  • Wide range of packaging designs
  • No issue fee - 100% of what you pay goes to the recipient
  • Can incorporate tax benefits - encouragement awards of up to £25 and party allowances of up to £150 per employee tax free!
  • Ideal way to support local retailers as part of your CSR commitment to the local business and retail community