A day out with the family is easy with White Rose. We’re home to a variety of family friendly facilities designed to make your visit as smooth and as entertaining as possible. Regular events, spacious malls, breast feeding and baby changing facilities as well as much, much more, means you can enjoy a shopping spree without worrying.

Baby Change & Feeding Room

Our brand new baby change and feeding room is fully equipped to make your visit to White Rose easier.


Our baby change facilities has room for up to six babies at one time, as well as a microwave and water dispenser those hungry little ones!


We welcome and support breast feeding throughtout the centre however for those Mums looking for a little more privacy, there's two private booths so you can breast feed at ease.


Find the facilities on the second floor, near Primark.


Family Room


Don’t let the kids needing a wee, affect your shopping spree!



We understand that when they need to go, you need to go, so you’ll be pleased to hear our baby changing rooms are easy to access from the Debenhams side and Sainsburys side, as well as the balcony.



Our family room is located on the balcony, between Primark and Coffee Creations.

Bottle Warming


You’ll find microwaves for bottle warming located on the balcony with benches nearby to help you feed the little ones comfortably. Alternatively, try out our brand new baby change by Primark (upstairs), that also has private feeding booths, bottle warming and a water fountain.


Kiddie Cars



Make your trip more fun with our Kiddie Cars! To rent one, simply visit our Customer Service Desk next to New Look.



Prices: £3 for 1 hour, £5 for 2 hours